VDA FSTR: (according to VDA Vol. 2, 3rd. Edition 1998)
VDA PPA-Report: 
(according to VDA Vol. 2, 5th. Edition 2012)
VDA PPA-Report: (according to VDA Vol. 2, 6th. Edition 2020) -->
current version
8D-Report  (combined german-english)
Overview of process capability evidence (combined german - english)
PPAP (4th Edition) according to QS 9000)

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VDA FSTR: (3. Edition 1998)                                                             optional: french and czech German English
Single Sheets:     
Cover Sheet, Test Results, Appendix to Test Results, Material Data Sheet, Table X X
Combinations (Standard):     
I. Cover Sheet + 2xTest Results + Material Data Sheet + Table X X
II. Cover Sheet + 2x, 3x, 4x, 5xTest Results X X
III. Material Data Sheet + Table X X
 Further combinations on demand X X
VDA PPA-report: (5. Edition 2012) German English
Single Sheets:     
Cover Sheet, Contents of the PPA report, Product-related test results, Process-relatet and other documents X X
Packages (combinations)    
(1) -Cover Sheet + Contents of the PPA report + Product-related test results + Process-relatet
      and other documents

Cover Sheet +Contents of the PPA report + 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x 10x Product-related test results
(2)  Report for planning and agreeing the sampling X X
(3)  Assessment Product, Assessment production process X X
(4)  Complete version from (1,2,3) X X
(5).Software Test Report X X
Further combinations on demand! X X
NEU VDA PPA-report: (6. Edition 2020) German English

-PPA Agreement (Language switch on this page)
-Self-assessment product
-Self-assessment production process
-Cover sheet PPA report
-PPA evaluation
-Product-related deliverables (1-5, 10 pages)
-Productionsprocess-relatet and general
-Cover sheet for PPA software  1 + 2
-Part history

x x
8D-Report                                                                                              optional: french German-English
Overview of proc. capab. evidence German-English
PPAP (4th Edition) nach QS 9000                                   German English
Single Sheets:     
Part Submission Warrant, Appearance Approval Report, Bulk Materials Requirements Checklist
Appendix C Dimensional Results, Appendix D Material Test Results, Appendix E Performance Test Results,
Combinations (Standard)    
 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x 10x Appendix C Dimensional Results X X
Further combinations on demand X X