Johannes Ringwald
Forms for Quality Management

VDA-First Sample Test Report (FSTR) according to VDA Vol. 2 (german, english, french, czech)

PPA-Report, Production process and product approval report, VDA Volume 2 (german, english, french, italian, dutch, polish) 
(Microsoft Word 97-2003) NEU Word 2007-2010

Neu PPA-Bericht nach VDA Vol. 2, 5. Edition 2012 (german & english) Word 2010

Overview of process capability evidence

8D-Report (combined german-english) --> from 12/2011
PPAP (4th Edition) according to QS 9000) --> from 12/2011


in cooperation with:
Verband der Automobilindustrie e. V. (VDA)/German Association of the Automotive Industry
Qualitäts-Management-Center (QMC)/Head of Quality Management Center (QMC)
Behrenstraße 35, 10117 Berlin